Satoshi (Rica Matsumoto) “Mezase Pokémon Master – With my Friends” | THE FIRST TAKE | REACTION!



My First Time Reaction to Satoshi (Rica Matsumoto) performing Pokemon opening song Mezase Pokémon Master – With my Friends LIVE on The First Take and THIS might be the biggest First Take performance for anime! This is HUGE!! Satoshi the Pokemon voice actor?? I can’t believe this! Here is my first time reaction to Satoshi (Rica Matsumoto) Mezase Pokémon Master With my Friends THE FIRST TAKE

Satoshi(CV:Rica Matsumoto) – Mezase Pokémon Master -with my friends- / THE FIRST TAKE:

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  1. G.O.T Games より:

    Make sure you go and check out the ORIGINAL!!
    Satoshi(CV:Rica Matsumoto) – Mezase Pokémon Master -with my friends- / THE FIRST TAKE:

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  5. Frentzy より:

    why every z.z voice act or in japan can sing wetf

  6. Camil より:

    I’ve said it before, but you really should check out JAM Project, it was a group Rica Matsumoto was a founding member (although not currently active with) and basically consists of performers that are all considered veterans in Anime Music.

  7. No13ROXASV3 より:

    Rica is my #1 favorite Singer. She’s the goat.

  8. Ferdy A2Souman 友狐「ゆうぎつね」 より:

    Satoshi サトシ is the original Japanese name of the MC in Pokemon. And “Ash Ketchum” is the west version of Satoshi name. Rica Matsumoto (Matsumoto Rika) was the OG VA of him. And she is 55 years this year (Born : November 30th, 1968). ✨🦊⛩

  9. Christian O より:

    Have you ever listen to the full version of gotta catch em all

  10. Jason Nobleza より:

    Damn we’re saying goodbye to Ash next week

  11. TheErsu より:

    She also has some song on an anime called Matchless Raijin Oh. Nekketsu Nekketsu! Otoko wa Nekketsu! and Bokura no Hero Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh.

  12. Yolanda Sandoval より:

    Ya que andamos en los first take necesitas reaccionar a los de Ali (jujutsu kaisen ending 1y beast stars op1) 👍👍

  13. Sunny Ho より:

    Jus to some other info regarding the name of Ash Ketchum / Satoshi. The name “Ash” was taking from “sAtoSHi” while Ketchum is a wordplay on “Catch ‘em”.

    Also check out the earlier songs of JAM PROJECT since Matsumoto Rika used to be one of its members (actually even one of the founding members). She eventually left the group to focus on solo activities sadly, but you can clearly hear her voice in those early songs of JAM PROJECT! (For reference JAM PROJECT sung for One Punch Man, which is one of the considered “newer” songs though)

  14. TheErsu より:

    She sings the first three Pokemon openings. I like the third one. OK!

  15. TheErsu より:

    She also sings the opening theme for Kamen Rider Ryuki.

  16. Lexi より:

    Guess you have to react to the Japanese Pokemon openings now!

  17. 。サメ より:


  18. empire539 より:

    I hadn’t seen the announcement, so seeing this FIRST TAKE video on my feed was really surprising! Matsumoto Rika has built such a legacy with Pokemon, it’s incredible to see her on here. Now that they’re retiring the character of Ash/Satoshi for the new Pokemon series, I’m so glad she was able to do this performance.

    (Totally unrelated note but I think this is the first time I noticed you have a bass in your room! Really cool)

  19. Kainos Teleos より:

    BTW: Rika (Rica) Matsumoto is also one of the former founding members of JAM Project, which i mentioned a few times. Together with other legends, like Masaaki Endoh and Hironobu Kageyama, lead by the now deceased Ichirou Mizuki. Later joined by Yoshiki Fukuyama, Hiroshi Kitadani (known for dragon ball songs) and Masami Okui. And Ricardo Crus as a semi-member.

    One of my favorites which you could react to, is the official _”SOUL TAKER”_ video. But there are also many other famous songs, like _”The Hero !!”_ from One Punch man, _”TRANSFORMERS EVO”_ , _”Crush Gear Fight!”_ from Crush gear Turbo, _”Vanguard!”_ from Cardfight Vanguard or _”Garo ~Savior in the Dark~”_ from the Garo TV series.

  20. Covaxe より:

    Pocket Monsters XY&Z has my favourite pokemon opening and Rica sang it as well. And yes I cried during this, I’m finishing Pokemon Journeys right now