Blue Lock Episode 20 Reaction Mashup | ブルーロック 20話 リアクション


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  1. Eternal より:

    bro does that fake volley 5 times in a row while playing at Manshine City i am saying 5 TIMES IN A ROW AGAINIST BASTRD MUNCHEN

  2. Giaky Lu より:

    take madlad out suck

  3. Mehmet Ali Aydın より:

    Guy in the middle right is too loud no?

  4. Dipansu より:

    I liked when Nagi said “it’s devouring time” and devoured Isagi & Rin

  5. C J より:

    For anyone who thinks Nagi’s goal aint possible, look at Mitoma’s goal against Liverpool

  6. K'oNTv より:

    Let’s go 2023

  7. Thea Michella より:


  8. xXxShadowSneaksxXx より:

    This is clearly one of the best episode they did since the beginning, what a huge moment 😍😍😍

  9. Aurora より:

    They should slow the pase of frames a little bit it’s going too fast

  10. Nur Ilya より:

    Please dont put Madladofculture in the next video. He is so annoying

  11. Unknown Adventure より:

    Damn who let nagi cooked, I like it how every character got their own highlight, I believe next episode gonna be barou time right

  12. Feitan より:

    fact: that guy narrating everything ( even the most obvious) is mad annoying.

  13. Karasu Tabito’s #1 fan より:

    The animation studio was cooking with this one

  14. Atsumu Miya より:

    Rin as always f*cking cool and menace

  15. 𝑴𝑶𝑴𝑶 ☪︎ より:

    Thank you so much ❤️

  16. Lina より: