“Chiyo’s Secret Skills” Reaction Mashup | Naruto Shippuden Ep. 22 🇯🇵 [ナルト 疾風伝] [海外の反応]


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  1. Anzhil_ より:

    do arc power(290-295) plz its so cool arc

  2. Proplay より:

    Subtitle Indonesia

  3. astraeus より:

    please dont put the blond girl to the mashups

  4. Quentin Jones より:

    They were going at it 11:30

  5. Geanderson Santos より:

    Já tô viciado nisso, kkk… Já quero o próximo episódio!

  6. Maxx Op より:

    Boruto 287 plz

  7. Geo Ferdiansyah より:

    Rection kurama death

  8. eccs0103 より:

    11:43 the guy at the top🤣

  9. Jerfry ventura より:

    porque no pones los subtitulos en español por favor

  10. Kazuhara ilfan Ch. より:

    I mean, Kakashi/Naruto and Team Guy part are just redundant. Naruto chasing Deidara, Kakashi asked him to slow down, another montage of Team Guy fighting their doppleganger again. god

  11. Camilo Lopez より:

    No tiene subtitulos
    No like

  12. @aagung_inst より:

    Where is the Indonesian text?

  13. Diego Mello より:

    no have português. ?

  14. All Game より:

    Next boruto 287 code arc

  15. femi cold より:

    Next ep would be 💥

  16. STAY 💗 17VCA ⤮ より:

    Not the girls thinking he killed his parents and turned them into puppets when he was still an innocent kid 😅, also when they both puppeteered so fastly i like how some tried doing it too!! 🤣

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  19. Kanjira より:

    Lets go ep 23