【海外の反応】Hoshimachi Suisei – Stellar Stellar / THE FIRST TAKE // 日本語字幕付き // vrキャラクターすごい




Original video: https://youtu.be/AAsRtnbDs-0

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A little bit more information about me, Hi my name is Patrick Mordi I am a DJ/Music producer. I am also a photographer for Vice magazine. I live in Amsterdam and I have been traveling to Japan for the last 8 years. I love Japanese music and love reacting to all the Music videos I haven’t seen yet! はじめまして

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  1. dayLeap より:

    Compared to the early videos, there are a lot of smiles now. It’s just love, peace, and positive!

  2. KARUBO より:


  3. Spectrum 90 より:

    After this he wont react to vtubers unless its from the first take

  4. Phil Wizard より:

    After following these girls for over two years now, it’s a delight to see Suisei putting Hololive on the radar of so many new people through this performance.

    She is one of 50+ virtual youtuber talents employed by her agency, Hololive. The members of Hololive are first and foremost streamers and general purpose entertainers, but because Hololive doubles as an idol group with huge yearly concerts (in person audience, heavy use of augment reality technology), all of the talents do music to at least some small degree. Some have only a handful of songs recorded and released. Others, like Suisei, have released full albums worth of high quality music. With everyone considered, it’s a very deep well.

    Suisei is definitely a good place to start. And she certainly has many other great tracks. Ghost, 駆けろ, Wii-Wii-Woo are some stand outs to me. Or if you want to experience some killer tracks from some other great Hololive artists, a few I really like are Mayday, Mayday by Tsunomaki Watame, End of a Life by Mori Calliope and マイロア by Tokoyami Towa.

  5. Edman Wong より:

    The meaning of this song is that Cinderella wanted to turn into a prince, and in the end she found that she was just a star, without hair becoming the shape she wanted in her heart.

  6. ぱぴお23♪︎ より:

    Patrick, your Amsterdam room is blue and purple.✨

  7. [WD]Helmir より:

    She’s got a lot of great music. Honestly Hololive in general is packed with talent. Hope you end up checking out more!

  8. Dragon Phly より:

    I get why you are altering the audio but man does it make it hard to vibe with you during your reactions now 🙁

  9. KARTZ 310 より:

    パトリックさんが『どこ』にリアクションしてるか知りたくて観てるんだから 音はそのまま聴きたいよね

  10. huntingmaster21 より:

    A shocking story.
    Suisei underwent throat surgery on September 16th last year.
    She didn’t speak until November.

    Also, suisei normally only sings at night when her throat is feeling better.
    Since the singing at THE FIRST TAKE was performed at 12:30 in the afternoon,
    she said she was “debuffed”.
    can’t believe it!

  11. ꕤゆきりんꕤ [Ch*] より:

    素敵なアーティストですね( ᵒ̴̷͈ᗨᵒ̴̶̷͈ )✧*。

  12. Fabricio Karim より:

    This is made with real time motion caprture:

  13. Cloud より:

    Would love to see you go down the rabbit hole of Hololive music! Hololive is filled with amazing and talented artists just like Suisei

  14. ルーパP・F より:


  15. みこし はなび より:

    I always enjoy watching your video ^ ^

  16. TheAgentGray より:

    full MV Version of the song is a completely different experience, as a heads up, totally worth it’s own reaction. The harmonies and the musical notes paint a completely different tone and emotion even if the message is the same. They are from two extreme ends of her story, as well, so it’s hard to directly compare, I think her vocal performance in the first take is probably one of her best live showings though, which says something. Ghost and Template are both other great, surprising songs by her, and there are quite a few other virtual youtubers to check out if you’re looking to be gobsmacked by talent.

  17. haruna810519 より:

    My recommendation is “Pearl,” a song by The Yellow Monkey. It’s a song about my youth.

  18. yololister より:

    you should definitely check all of her music, original and cover songs alike. she has two original albums (“Still Still Stellar” and “Specter”) and one in collaboration with Taku Inoue, who is on guitar in this performance (“Midnight Grand Orchestra”)

  19. State of the Nerd より:

    Stellar Stellarのオリジナルバージョンはドラムンベース的なアプローチも効いてるのでDJ視点でも面白いと思いますよ。
    あと星街の他の曲だと、Adoの踊を書いてるGigaさん作曲で、VtuberラッパーのMori Calliopeと共演してるWickedって曲も面白いかと思います。

  20. Suisei Enjoyer より:

    Suisei is one of the most talented singer in Vtuber community. I recommend checking her other First Take and her music videos out.