Kankuro confronts Sasori Reaction Mashup | Shippuden #7: [ナルト 疾風伝 海外の反応]


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  1. Dark Zeus より:

    BRo can u continue up to the part naruto found gara wit deidera

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    Next episode please!

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    Yo queria ver la humillada que le metía sasori ☹️

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    Next part…..

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    Is it me or did that kid from the middle right called @Boldcast look like Justin Bieber?

  6. Devandra より:

    Poor Kankuro, he choose the wrong enemy 🦂

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    Kankuro es mi personaje favorito

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    I think sasori and shisui are the most underrated characters this series, btw I luv ur vids

  11. Døuma plaYs より:

    Thankyou so much….. I really appreciate your work…..this is like rewatching Naruto shippuden with other’s reactions as well…ill like to watch more….💗🦋

  12. Anii SA より:

    I’m back here. honestly this is addicting ❤️🤭

  13. r34LiTy & f4nT4sY より:

    Kankuro PUPPET master vs Lord Sasori Legendary PUPPET maker

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    anime waste toomutch time on useless scenes

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    Мне нравится их реакция на аниме

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    I don’t understand how deidara can beat gaara so easily :)))