XG – ‘SHOOTING STAR’ & ‘LEFT RIGHT’ Showcase Performances | REACTION


XG – ‘SHOOTING STAR’ & ‘LEFT RIGHT’ Showcase Performances | REACTION



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  1. jaexbae より:

    As POPPIN as XG is, your energy just brought me SO much life and even more enjoyment from the performance! Thank you, you’ve earned a subscriber! 💙

  2. ktr k_ より:


  3. Dあiㅋi より:


  4. Taniyah Louis より:

    I’m so happy about hinata getting lines

  5. jun より:


  6. LGM より:


  7. nao shige より:


  8. Crea Crea より:


  9. Sînziana-Ruxandra Paltin より:

    My bias is Harvey. But Hinata…. I blame you for that, haha! I ADORE THEM ALL. They are AMAZING. ^.^

  10. Anupriya Ch 1990 より:

    I’m an Alphaz since debut but still i can’t choose my bias lmao i love all them so much, they are so pretty and talented

  11. Ken Wong より:

    Still consider J-Pop = Japanese girls group ! they’re super amazing and gorgeous!!

  12. Zathustarlight1 より:

    Where can I find the live performances?

  13. FUWAFUWA より:

    Can somebody link the performances cuz I can’t find them 😭😭

  14. Michael Trinta より:

    you don’t need to force being this cringe lmao

  15. 3028547 より:

    I’m surprised this is still up all the other videos of the showcase for this song has been taken down 😂

  16. m m より:


  17. AMIR FAKHRI より:

    The song instrument bass implementation as we jumping with bomb , the vocal is nice and standard feel . Periodt bruh lol .

  18. Heize Cherie より:

    Wtfff the rappers can even sing like wtffff is happening 😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Heize Cherie より:

    Omg…. They are so talented af.. i gotta say way better than any of the kpop gen 4 girl groups.

    LSF/NJ/XG are ult bias.