Naruto/Sasuke VS MADARA [27 People React] FULL FIGHT ✅ Shippuden 424-425-426-458 [ナルト 疾風伝] [海外の反応]


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  1. ghost245353 より:

    I just realized he did a rasen shuriken one handed

  2. Deadly Robot より:

    40:35 the moment Kishimoto turned his brain off.

  3. Jollvert Juvenile より:

    Naruto kushina next please

  4. J b より:

    if the saying “ME AGAINST THE WORLD” was a person… Madara Uchiha is definitely him. what’s mind blowing is that his winning! 🤦‍♂🙌

  5. MY Aespa Global より:

    Imagine having kamui powers and stay in the dimension to prevent infinite tsukuyomi effect xD

  6. Luis Flores より:

    Se supone que el Rinnegan absorbe chacra(técnicas).

  7. Δ より:

    I feel really comfortable watching these videos, like we are on the same page, same emotions.

  8. Cristian Catamin より:

    Team 7 & Obito vs Kaguya full fight pls

  9. Lemontarts01 より:

    Yall need to understand something:

    When madara used sage art gale lighting (the purple beam – i may be fucking the name up RN im high) and naruto dodged and nigh point blank range.

    You need to go research it or jus take my word for it.

    Its one of the fastest feats a character has done in naruto.

    Like as close to FTL naruto could get at the time.
    Its STUPIDLY fast. Naruto was and is busted in his own right

  10. luis 🌌 より:

    Y el chileno llorando porque le quitaron a Madara jajaja

  11. Shini gain より:

    Epic but what about chapter 427 and the following? I’m interested in everyone’s dreams xdxd

  12. Random Guy より:

    40:00 He didn’t make a propositon to hand over the beasts peacefully. He literally admitted, by telling Obito the truth about him manipulating him, that he was the one that basically formed the Akatsuke lol

  13. Muhamad syahrul Reza より:

    Next Obito Jinchuriki vs naruto

  14. SizzlePR より:

    Will u do mashups of bleach new season?

  15. Loxx より:

    Do whole fight vs kaguyaa

  16. luqman ramadhan より:

    sad kishimoto ended his finest creation in the worse way

  17. Meliante より:

    What’s the point of adding so many reactors if most of them will stand muted the whole video lol

  18. Albert Wijaya より:

    Next part mega reaction full episode naruto, sasuke vs kaguya 🔥🔥 Thanks broo

  19. dfAa123 より:

    hey bro, i really like your content, can you make a one piece reaction??? please😭🙏