🔥 GUY VS MADARA 🔥[25 People React] FULL FIGHT ✅ Shippuden 418-421 [ナルト 疾風伝] [海外の反応]


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    Será que mais algum brasileiro vê os reacts?

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    Madara, can you turn the HP hacks off? Guy literally dealt a 9999999999+ damage hit and you still survived by 10 HP

  4. Shadow Shroom より:

    The literal embodiment of “no luck, all skill”

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    Please do Madara vs Naruto / Sasuke six’s path

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    The only good thing that the fourth ninja war left us with was to see madara humiliating everyone and to see Guy fighting at his peak.

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    The youth guy says thanks to kakashi its just badass

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    The only reason Madara survived is because my man forgot to remove the weights 🤧😭🤌

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    Madara wasn’t fighting hard, he was testing Guy’s abilities

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