MADARA Humiliates The Shinobi Alliance [MEGA Reaction Mashup] 🇯🇵 Shippuden 322 [ナルト 疾風伝] [海外の反応]


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🔥🦊 Naruto KURAMA Mode First TIME!!! Reaction Mashup 🇯🇵 (Shippuden 329) [ナルト 疾風伝] [海外の反応]🔥

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Jinchūriki vs. Jinchūriki!! Reaction Mashup 🇯🇵 Shippuden 325 [ナルト 疾風伝] [海外の反応]

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  1. Jc Hernandez より:

    It’s wild How kishimoto introduce such a character and then he has to hold him back otherwise he bodies everyone at This point LOL
    Him, Obito And kabuto would Win The war right here If plot didnt stop Them

  2. josh J. より:

    Me acuerdo de esto en el manga y anime, y sobre todo el meme que decía:

    “Madara se está garchando a todos!”

  3. Stevens Barrera より:

    Killer ve vs kisame full

  4. Cranjis Mcbasketball より:

    This is probably one of my favorite fights of all of Shippuden. The strength that Madara is able to wield is insane! He fought an army, 2 of the kage, and a jinjhuriki all by himself and easily beat them! Madara is no doubt one of the most dangerous and most powerful characters in all of Shippuden!

  5. Umer Rehman より:

    *The name itself is power*
    —Tsunade Senju

  6. Ashwin より:


  7. DRoppy より:

    Absolutely incredible how the Naruto community comes together like this

  8. Marvin Gamer より:

    Amo ver estas reacciones ya me ice adicto jaja

  9. Cristian Harvey より:

    This is so Epic,
    This After The Pain Assault Arc are The Best moments in ALL Naruto honestly

  10. Ang 18 より:

    Wake up to reality 🥶

  11. mr. Anderson より:

    8:51 gaara’s scream was epic🤯

  12. Satyendra Tiwari より:

    “This chakra that summones me is this the madra ”

    Still give me hard chills 🥶

  13. Brian Ryl より:

    Request Naruto episode 346

  14. Chema R より:

    Madara is powerful, is my favorite character 🙌

  15. yashiro より:

    madara the best

  16. Jose Ailton より:

    O espancador de figurantes vulgo madara uchila

  17. D' sories より:

    This prove infinite fandom is always the best naruto reactions videos. Not just many reactions. And these guys youtuber is regular, I feel like watching with my friends with them lol. I’m glad you put madara try to summon nine tail and do that deep forest jutsu. Idk why most channels edit it out. It one of epic scene to me. I don’t get boring everytime i watch it. Thanks 👍

  18. Filipe 17s より:

    No 5 kages vs Madara
    Yes 25 Madaras vs 5 kages !!!

  19. Johnsonking より:

    This Along With The Pain Arc And
    Sasuke vs Naruto in the end are easily The Best moments in The Whole verse period.