Tobi VS Konan [25 People React] 🇯🇵 Shippuden 252-253 [ナルト 疾風伝] [海外の反応]


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• Shippuden Reaction Mashup List: 👉🏻▶️
• Boruto reaction Mashup List: 👉🏻▶️

Gaara SPEECH 👏🔥 Kabuto: EDO TENSEI! Reaction Mashup 🇯🇵 Shippuden 256/261

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  1. GohCinderace より:

    Please bro give us the mash-up reaction for Sakura saving Kankuro. Episode 11 Shippuden.

  2. Iskandar Ulmasov より:

    Can anybody explain me 1 thing please, i just can understand. Was it Obito at that time or it was Madara? Who it was speeking with this deep voice and been like very cool and seriuous? Obito is just another persion I think, or he was so changed?

  3. John Do より:

    Obito carried Shippuden 💯

  4. Kleiton Eleoterio より:

    Fullfight – Sakura vs Sasori and Sakura vs Shin

  5. apolo celes より:

    los subtitulos siempre precisos , que grande eres

  6. Sum Vivus より:

    Konan put up a good fight unfortunately she had to die for the plot. Rip Konan

  7. Kimselcotton より:

    Konan 🥹❤️

  8. Just You より:

    Thank you so much for adding the red paper part! 🥰 Konan the best konoichi for me

  9. Bryan Kalloo より:

    Underrated fight

  10. Danielle Casing より:

    Omg been waiting for this reaction! thank you!

  11. mrly bom より:

    Itachi shinden please

  12. 77 77 より:

    Do madara vs shinobi alliance plss

  13. Stevens Barrera より:

    the birth of pain, the reaction creates it for the fans haha

  14. Nobody survives even one bit より:

    Konan won but sharingan is too op.

  15. Nobody survives even one bit より:

    That was brutal.

  16. STAY 💗 17VCA ⤮ より:

    Aww suddenly I remember the time this was released I was in denial of Konan being dead, because I haven’t watched it actually at the time and I was spoiled that she did… 😭

  17. hydro6en より:

    if Tobi/Obito never used his eyes, he would’ve been dead.

  18. Frans Gulz より:

    Sasuke vs 5 kages bro

  19. L Novachrono より:

    Naruto and Bee vs Nagato And Itachi plis