Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 10 Reaction Mashup | モブサイコ100 III


Hi Guys, Here is a reaction mashup of the Ep 10 of season 3 of Mob Psycho 100
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  1. tuna より:


  2. Douglas Santos より:

    I never thouth I would like Teru how much I like now….

  3. I'M M A R K より:

    (Manga spoiler)
    That is not a godly entity it just another identity of mob that is “Shigeo” an another being inside mob and that another being or Shigeo created Mob to suppress his emotion this is because of what happened in his child hood where he accidentally hurt his little brother it’s an unconscious being and the real Mob that is the ??? Form of mob.

  4. Zeref Dragneel より:

    The walk of mob reminds me of gon from hunter x hunter when he removed his limiter with black aura power

  5. Mar より:

    I was so scared for Teru like: “Ekubo is already gone pls don’t kill Teru too omg 😔”. Y’all I can’t believe my comfort anime came back with such a BLOODY arc but I love it tho, it knows how to build tension and how to exploit it, beautifully written.

  6. John Titor より:

    Got a blunt as sh¡t before watching the episode, damn this was art

  7. Gundam A より:

    Teru made me cry he so grow up

  8. MAFIA 858 より:

    2 character 1 body

  9. わけわか より:

    A chicken pasta salad😂

  10. Cooper QB より:

    Hanazawa the GOAT

  11. Sea Raider より:

    Teru my boi… I am so proud of him.

  12. Deandre Alexander より:

    Where is yaboyroshi video ?

  13. Noodle_Pot より:

    Where’s yaboyroshi link

  14. Kimito より:

    That thing not probably Shigeo rather mob who reside and the one who always hold back all shigeo emotions all this time

  15. Ji Pangeztu より:

    First time, I think he goes to isekai

  16. Serious Shigeo より:

    He’s just like Saitama with hair and is serious in this episode

  17. AAS より:

    The sad thing is kotomi will choose that yellow hair to be her bf. She fall in love with him after he protect her from beserk mob. His right hand will be his sacrifice. But the best thing ,mob will learn “sincerety”.

  18. Le Verite より:

    So that’s the significance of the many hands in the op, people trying to stop mob

  19. Ninetails6o より:

    Fake reactions

  20. Melliham Pebrianco.D より:

    Damn Hanazawa mvp in this ep 😭