Pain: “Cycle of Hatred” Speech Reaction Mashup | Naruto Shippuden 165 [ナルト 疾風伝] [海外の反応]


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  1. jose vasquez より:

    Muy bueno,,, 👏👏👏🙋‍♂️💯😰.,.,.,. Lo mejor de naruto,..,, sin duda.,.,. Épico.

  2. GRAY 10 より:

    The first time Naruto get shut up

  3. ghost245353 より:

    The most compelling “WhAT AbOuT Me?!” speech

  4. Cold-Otaku より:

    Just think what will happen if they animate a movie on pain arc

  5. Scottie Miller より:

    Did you legit cut the “‘cycle of hatred” part ?

  6. Bryan Kalloo より:

    Wasn’t this included in the Pain vs Naruto video?

  7. Andrés Sánchez より:

    Madurar es aceptar que konoha es estados unidos xd

  8. Light Vader より:

    Pain is a god! but nagato is a man

  9. Janson Sanjaya より:

    9.40 hits hard

  10. Duy Suky より:


  11. Jordan Her より:

    Lets not overlook just how incredible Naruto’s voice actor was this scene

  12. Andre Duncan より:

    Pain is my goat man🐐🐐🐐🐐

  13. luqman ramadhan より:

    Pain’s resolve and Sasuke’s revolution kinda same thing, they do want to rule shinobi world with fear, so all villages forced to maintain peace

  14. Johnsonking より:

    Pain challenged Naruto’s ideologies, that alone makes him One of The Best characters easily, i know people like The War Arc and claim is the Best arc in Naruto, But i totally disagree, because This Shit right here dude, it’s unbeatable for so many reasons.

  15. BaKa KaRa より:

    pain to the world

  16. Jc Hernandez より:

    The Dub version is Pretty Epic as well yo,
    Pain has The Best Dub in all Naruto easily, Troy Baker did such a perfect job.

  17. Didin Kurniawan Soul'z Black より:

    Gaara vs Raasa bro

  18. BlackRover より:

    Come on bro im waiting this lmao

  19. Gohan より:

    Pain is the Goat, he’s given Naruto story The Best Arc in this whole freaking show

  20. João Paulo より:

    Epi 165 is such a Dope moment. Pain’s ideologies are feasible, they are reasonable things to do. Pain isnt contradicting himself when he starts referring to himself as “an ordinary Man” (he’s dropping his pretense of beeing a “God” to truly have a heart-to-heart conversation with naruto as fellow disciples because he truly wants Naruto to understand his motives and see things from his perspectives). Actually nagato means That Pain is a god, while him a Man. We as the audience generally or all of Us side with Naruto and the hidden leaf because they’re the “main characters” of the story. But Pain is “GIVING VOICE” to others here in the world that also suffer.
    I totally agree when Pain says “Humans are not the most intelligent creatures”, due to the fact that we’re essently a virus on the planet because we literatelly destroy other species and the environment of our planet, so That’s right, biologically speaking Pain is more than 100% correct.
    On the other hand, From our perspective (human perspective) Pain is mad because he wants to Destroy nations and people? ( but That’s The same thing the Leaf has done and Big countries do today in our real world as well, How Can You possibly deny That?
    Why is it ONLY Fair And OK for the hidden Leaf to have peace and justice when everybody else in The world also suffer Pain??
    Pain is calling out the hipocrisy Naruto and The Leaf are trying to justify themselves (That part When pain talked to Tsunade, he said “Your peace has Only brought violence upon us all” That’s what he means, That they (The Leaf) are hypocrites, which is true indeed.
    Pain’s Idea for achieving peace is MAD (mutually assured destruction), which is the same system thats in place in OUR REAL WORLD today to deter nuclear War. He wants a world where M.A.D will keep the peace for a while and when it breaks, when people use tail beasts, they”ll experience pain again, and That pain will force them to Go back to the period of peace. This will continue over and over, that pain will keep humanities violent Nature in check, allowing peace to exist. You can definitely disagree with Pain’s ideias of achieving peace because they’re Pretty extreme from our perspective, however with his speech You Just can’t, because he’s spitting Facts over The table here. Pain’s character is a masterpiece completely, he’s a character Very grounded in realism. An Epic Villain. For me he’s One of The Best Creations in all fiction honestly, this Arc here is The Most Epic from kishimoto. Everything about Pain’s character is so well done. He’s so sick dude. He gave The Best Arc to The Entire series, this masterpiece right here.