The End of Naruto Shippuden❤️ Reaction Mashup | (Shippuden #500) 🇯🇵 ナルト 疾風伝 海外の反応 🦊


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    Thank you ROF for your dedication so far. this is not something easy to do. but we really enjoyed everything.
    We love you❤

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    Exame chunnin boruto?

  3. Luke Duarte より:

    NaruHina, bullshit

  4. Emiyy Rozaimi より:

    Naruto : Begins With Sadness & Alone And Ends With Perfect Happiness, Have A Good Family and Everyone.

    Boruto : Begins With Happiness Family, Friends And Maybe Will Ends With Sadness, Dark & Losing Everything Like Momoshiki Said.

    Man, I’m Not Ready Yet About This😢

  5. 🍀 Harlequin 怠惰 より:

    One thing that wasn’t very clear was that Sasuke’s congratulations weren’t for Naruto and Hinata’s wedding, but for Sakura’s birthday.

  6. ghost245353 より:

    Imagine getting married at 19 o.o

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    Wht a beautiful ending bro 😭😭

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    Excelentes edits de reacciones 👏🏻👏🏻

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    Every time I see this it makes me cry 😭❤️ love them sm

  13. Sketchy より:

    Out of the big three, Naruto is the only anime that really have a satisfying ending. They did a great job highlighting its world problems and giving every nation more depth and time to understand each other. I kinda take for granted its animation back then but now I realize how special it was.

    What ever happened in Boruto, Naruto’s story is complete to me ❤️

  14. SuPeR SuHaS より:

    And the ending of an masterpiece made all of us cry🤧

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