The Unison Sign Reaction Mashup | Shippuden 478 Reaction Mashup 🇯🇵 ナルト 疾風伝 海外の反応


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  1. The Dark Lord より:

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    Am i the only one that heard “Sasuke kinda Talk no Jutsu’ed himself”???

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  5. ChefRed より:

    “Why was Sasuke treated like an outcast?” Did she not watch the show?

  6. Adrianee より:

    Ahhh, quería que ya subieras este episodio😭 el mejor de todos💕

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    The thought of the two of them makes my heart tremble.

  8. Вак より:

    very good, ty for the video <3

  9. Jose William より:

    Incrivel essa obra, com um final desses trouce uma tensão porque achei que o sasuke não tinha salvação (sou do Brasil seus vidios vem até aqui 🧐)

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    no puedo con la espera del próximo capítulo, gracias por todo, este canal es mi lugar seguro

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    Boruto ep 218 kurama dead we need

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    Cut as fuckk, hand down

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    Hey you should make a reaction mashup of when himawari used gentle fist on Naruto

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    Boruto Episode 218 please 🥺

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    Thank you! Next Episode Please

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  19. martha shepherd より:

    Awesome they were really fated to be close🥺 hence the constant competition because being reincarnates of brothers Ashura and Indra they were simply meant to be close like brothers always because FATE CAN’T BE CHANGED😔