BARYON Naruto VS ISSHIKI MEGA Reaction MASHUP 🦊🔥😱 Boruto 217 🇯🇵 [ボルト — 海外の反応]


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Naruto Meets Kawaki 🔥
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  1. kapsam Midi より:

    Yee boii borushiki 😈

  2. hanss より:

    maybe in the next content, we will wait for the reaction when sasuke loses his Rinnegan

  3. Pro Toonz より:

    Nice Btw can you tell me how is my isshiki vs teen Naruto and sasuke fan animation

  4. PUSHKAR Choudhary より:

    Bro when will the next part releasing?

  5. Anggua Ha より:

    Reaction mashup opening boruto please

  6. machine water belly より:

    More reaction from jd anime couple



  8. Syafie Musyaffa より:

    See you kurama 😢

  9. BamBam-3886 より:

    Imagine Guys Eight Gate of Death transformation vs Narutos Baryon Mode

  10. BamBam-3886 より:

    When you think about it, The Baryon Mode is literally his version of The Eight Gate of Death.

  11. Kid Riley Turn Rogue より:

    This fight remember me the fight Between MUI Goku and Jiren Limit Break especially when Baryon Mode become weak

  12. Aircraft spotter YVR より:

    when will you release the next episode

  13. JOKO より:

    baryon mode doesn’t even kill isshiki who was being one of the strongest otsutsuki (so far) baryon mode only reduce isshiki’s lifespan

  14. د. محمد الموسوي より:

    Amazing as usual❤️❤️

  15. Juan david Hernández Martínez 97 より:

    Next next next

  16. Villain より:

    baryon mode naruto was pummeling isshiki

  17. World Game! より:

    Si acá salieron lagrimas, en el proximo será aun más emotivo…

  18. BladedShard より:

    Annnnd thats why you kill them quickly instead of toying around lol. My main mans brought his downfall all on himself smh. Hate to see it

  19. Silverex より:

    Bro sigue subiendo más reacciones eres mi canal favorito de reacciones ya quiero ver el episodio 218