Overlord season 4 Episode 11 Reaction Mashup


Hi Guys, Here is a reaction mashup of the Ep 11 of season 4 of Overlord
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Anime Reaction Guy

Viemaw Reaction

J Reacts


Achik XD

No se de anime
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2Xf115R-1E&ab_channel=Nosedeanime anime4life
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L55rnsYWs0&ab_channel=anime4life Angius

Kazumax Anime Reaction
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh1sZpajp_Q&ab_channel=KazumaxAnimeReaction NickIncredible
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ugwjdhgirM&ab_channel=NickIncredible CloudyCrow
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGja-e2Io1c&t=180s&ab_channel=CloudyCrow YeiYei Senpai – Anime


Anepode Review
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJW93R9H_r4&t=154s&ab_channel=AnepodeReview kone
【同時視聴】オーバーロードIV 4期 11話 アニメリアクション Overlord Season4 Episode11 Anime Reaction
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  1. Edi Thea より:

    The enemy is too weak for Ainz 😅

    It’s enough just pandora’s actor and albedo against them.

    Will Zesshi Zetsumei (The girl with the big scythe , the strongest person in the Slane Theocracy) vs Mare Bello Fiore in episode 12 ?

  2. Ildun より:

    Are those guys serious? Or those are fake reaction? It is so obvious that Ainz is Pandora Actor.

  3. joseph laid より:


  4. Juggernaut より:

    Even us was fooled by Ainz

  5. Appleseed より:

    noobs, none of them noticed how rude albedo talked with azins ( pandoras ) or how ainz didnt have his world item ( red ball ) on him, against platinum armor.

  6. C_ris より:

    pandoras actor is a great actor

  7. holymurder83 より:

    these reactors and ppl who think that they knew it was PA all the time, they’re just like reading spoilers from the LN cos they knew what’s gonna happen… it was actually a perfect plan, there’s only 2 hints about PA. i dont waanna see ppl who reacts like this.. not fun… i wanna see them getting pure reaction not knowing it was PA until its revealed in the anime

  8. Mgtow Ninja より:


  9. Hooplaa より:

    Bruh, I already know it was Pandora Actor by the way Albedo talking to him in the begining

  10. Netizen Budiman より:

    pandora actor is not serious, and just acted weak, so he can learn his opponent how to mimic them, not only appearance but also emotion…but if pandora actor serious, he win easly against platinum armor…pandora actor is level 100, and platinum armor only level 85-90

  11. Vale Vena より:

    Bro I’m so disappointed at the fight between ainz and riku like they cut out so much from the fight like where the budget go 😭

  12. Kila Yugao より:

    I already knew it was Pandora’s Actor since I read the LN but it always nice to watch people get surprised/shocked once they find out ahaha

  13. Bjorn より:

    AInz has 11 world items out of 20 in existence. I was like no way Ainz not carrying half of them on his body

  14. Fellix Saputra より:

    I wonder how PDL will react if they know that SK/Nazarick has 11 World Class Items and 2 The Twenty

  15. Doughnut Maker より:

    naybe the sorceror king has 2 world item.
    ainz: we have more thsn we can count.
    like all the supreme being has world item thus making more than 40 and the guild staff which is another world item then theres ainz orb which is again a world item LOL

  16. Harada Ch. より:

    Ainz was too weak to be ainz is what I thought and I thought right Im so happy he remain undefeated and very smart as always!

  17. Prajwal K より:

    This old dragon things he is good against ains because he has an advantage over undead. He doesn’t even know that ains is the one having advantage over dragons.

  18. pi joh より:

    that platinum dragon lord strength can’t even compare to albedo, and he think he could defeat real ainz 🤣🤣🤣

  19. James Voldemor より:

    Thumb up if you get fooled by Pandora’s Actor 😅

  20. Mr Akhmal より:

    Well that show that PA are strong enough to defeat Platinum lord