Momoshiki’s Manifestation Reaction Mashup | Boruto 208 🇯🇵 [ボルト — 海外の反応]


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Naruto Meets Kawaki 🔥
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  1. Deimon Slayer より:

    Bitch wen ultra instinct

  2. Momoshiki Otsutsuki より:

    Yes I did that….

  3. Harshit より:

    Boruto ke next ep lao jaldi
    Main main episode daaalna
    Jab isshiki vs Koshi
    Main main ep daalnaaa
    Waiting for videos

  4. Aji Sawal luda より:

    Nexxttt goo

  5. YDH Y より:

    Next Boruto episode 211

  6. Luiz Júnio より:

    When is Kakashi vs Kajin Koji?

  7. Aircraft spotter YVR より:

    you are the goat bro please make more towards baryon mode and when borushiki stabs sasuke eyes thank you

  8. cosmic pun より:

    Borushiki 🔥

  9. Farrezz_ より:


  10. Ako lang to より:

    Nice nice next I’m gonna wait for
    Naruto baryon mode vs ishiki and also the scene where boroshiki destroyed Sasuke’s rinnegan
    I wonder what they reaction would be🤔😁 Interesting

  11. Rome Herrera より:

    Kashin Koji vs jigen next 🔥

  12. Gonza Nulls より:

    how excited they are with boruto’s animation… it shows that they never saw another anime

  13. James Alba より:

    Koji vs isshiki please✌️😁

  14. r.aymonnツ より:

    momo my goat

  15. Brian Ryl より:

    continue until isshiki comes

  16. Luffys より:

    Kawaki in the anime: “I don’t know what abilitys Code has”
    Kawaki in the manga:” Code has a White karma,his claw marks are made of chakra and iron from his blood”


  17. 핵슨 より:

    Naruto being treated like a battery charger

  18. Kavity より:

    idk why i love watching reactions to these , maybe to see if they were just as hype as i was 😅

  19. Kun_16 より:

    We want episodes 216-218 🥰❤️

  20. Fauji Muhamad より:

    Next Itachi@kakuzu vs Yondaime