One Piece Episode 1028 Reaction Mashup


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  1. By199 より:

    7:30 that J-Star dude messed himself up. He obviously read the recent chapter. I knew it all the time he just being a fake reactor.

  2. yahonatan beith israel lion より:

    For anime fans this is the begininig of the most crazy chapters in one piece

  3. BlueDream より:

    Love the sound the conquerors haki coating makes. Its the same sound when they emit it to others

  4. Leonardo より:

    Love how the ost were a mash of opening 1 and 15 (post time skip) both by the same artist 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Etan Armloc より:

    Only a handful of strong men, not a dead man talking.

  6. Leonardo より:

    It’s not a spoiler to say next two episodes are completely unrelated fillers.

    Just when we got this scene as well smh

  7. DraGo より:

    ”you two go down i’ll take him down” what a high quality final words lmao

  8. Matheus Reaction より: