Kawaki Meets KURAMA 🦊❤️ Reaction Mashup | Boruto 200-201 🇯🇵 [ボルト — 海外の反応]


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Naruto Meets Kawaki 🔥 https://youtu.be/HNSb1UeHloo
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  1. Sasori より:

    A esperar el siguiente episodio

  2. Sokol Cikaleshi より:

    ROFTV where you can see their reaction? they don’t have them on youtube

  3. A Youtube Channel より:

    Kurama: *Talks*
    Kawaki: Man you two must have close the whole time.
    Kurama: I almost murdered him 7, times, slapped his wife, tail slapped his “almost pink-haired wife”, tried to possess his body for 20+ years, shortened his life span, nuked the village TWICE, began a war, held the whole world hostage and now doing that again, killed his mother in the most heart breaking way in front of her child, killed his father while de-masculating him, damn near burned the Third-Hokage to ash, and almost killed his second frog using father TWICE, and there is a lot more but that is like 1,000 episodes you were never born for, the only reason why we got along was because plot demanded or else the series would end and stop making money, also did I mention how he preached hard work does everything every five seconds, only to cave in am AFTER vowing to NEVER use me in multiple occasions.

  4. ⁴Bl4ckkk_savag3⁷ より:

    Tive a mesma reação da menina alí da esquerda quando o Boruto chamou o Kawaki de irmão kkkkkkk

  5. FUNNY VIDEO より:

    Reaction boromoshiki vs boro

  6. Farrezz_ より:

    Finally 🔥🔥

  7. YDH Y より:

    Next Boruto episode 202

  8. Vince Carter より:

    Kurama 😍

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    Yeahhhh just waiting for the jigen fight

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    Naruto e Sasuke prime > Boruto verse

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    Next boruto episode 202-203 please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. Giovanni Sprovieri より:

    16:43 me arrepiei quando o Boruto chamou o Kawaki de irmão

  15. Willian ff より:

    Boruto EP 207 please!

  16. Julita Prycilia より:

    thank u so much ❤️

  17. Giovanni Sprovieri より:

    I really liked this development of Boruto and Kawaki, Kawaki finally training with Naruto to become a ninja!

    Thanks for the video ^^/

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    Naruto sasuke vs jigen
    Was coming.

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    Primeira 😊😊