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  1. narusaku1987 より:

    They talk too much, enjoy the damn scene😮‍💨

  2. Scalzer より:

    E o michismo vai crescendo a cada dia

  3. Dreaming port より:

    I’m tired of flashbacks 1075 🙁

  4. Christopher Perreault より:

    WOW the whole episode is an flashback ffs

  5. anime_ kingdom1 より:

    Kaidou really said “you don’t have to grab me, I’m not going to run” lmao. This ep alone show how pathetic the loser orochi is, I feel like everyone could write an full 5 essay how much they hate that idiot, he deserves everything bad that happened to him. Now momonosuke… I been supporting you this whole arc but it time we saw some results bruh lol


    how come mappa dropped a masterpiece episode last week then drop a mid episode now😭. backstory should not be this long especially since we already watch most of those scenes and if they making it that long should’ve put kaido and kings backstory in it. too much filler the ending is still the same last episode only difference kaido is color red now

  7. Seth より:

    Olha o michi ali

  8. Gustavo Wetter より:

    shit episode

  9. banana より:

    mid piece

  10. Mutiara Kasih CH より:

    the next best episode KAIDO said to KING.
    KAIDO: KING I already know JOY BOY’s identity.
    KING: who is he?
    KAIDO: he is the person…..who will defeat me one day!!!


  11. 2MW より:

    Alright I just want to say this…lifting an entire island he’s able to keep up against Luffy gear 5 pretty well it feels like Kaido is the final villain of the series remember back in the day just by mentioning his name most people would freeze in fear I understand why Kaido in my opinion is the most intimidating villain of the entire series a walking tank or beyond a tank lol that even a 10km fall from the sky for him is like someone falling from a chair lol you literally don’t feel really safe when he’s around not saying other villains like Black beard or Big Mom are not a threat they are without a doubt but Kaido’s is on a different league of it.

    After killing Luffy (before gear 5) Kaido was still ready for the smoke against ANYBODY when he came inside his base. I think moving forward in the series we may never see another villain similar to Kaido he is the gateway of the final saga.

  12. BeamGuide より:

    And yet another true villain still words of ” to be continued “🎉

  13. Rong D. Memer より:

    Fun fact: the punch can be heard miles away
    By miles away i mean that people from another island heard it and even feel it

  14. Sashi hang Rai より:

    Since 3 episode we are looking only at one punch. useless i am not watching onepiece again .

  15. Manga_Editor より:

    This episode was good

  16. Yash Gala より:

    Bro finish the arc alreadyyyyy , we don’t need that much flashback

  17. Gautham Vadlamudi より:

    Luffy’s character/Joyboy/Gear 5/Nika is most likely based on Lord Hanuman from Hinduism (who is inspiration for Son wukong)…. And this idea took a shape when Luffy finally used “Bajrang Gun” (Monkey God Gun) in some translations… Which is one of the names of Lord Hanuman.

    These are some of the different parallels and observations I made… Which go way more deep than i imagined…

    1. Luffy eats a devil fruit of Sun God Nika .. similar to How Hanumanji tried to eat Sun thinking its a mango.

    2. Hanumanji became immune to Strongest of the Thunderbolts, lighting by receiving a boon from Indra (ThunderGod)
    This is parallel to Luffy as well to some extent.
    Luffy is also immune to electricity, lighting.

    3. Lord Hanuman is given boon from Lord Brahma, to be immune to any projectile weapons like missiles, etc..
    Similarly, Luffy is also immune to all the projectiles like bullets etc.. (except sharp objects).

    4. Sun God, Surya gave Lord Hanuman to get 1% of the brightness, essence of the Sun and he’ll also be enabled through this to learn knowledge better than anyone else.
    This literally parallels with the Sun God Nika reveal of Luffy’s devil fruit, where he receives the power/form of Sun God and bring the Dawn to the world (as Warrior of Liberation), by revealing and learning the true history of the world before everyone else… To become King of the pirates and Achieve his dream.

    5. Sun God , Surya also gave Lord Hanuman two siddhis (powers) of laghima and garima, abilities to become the smallest or the largest form in size.
    The Luffy’s devil fruit literally gives him the same power of becoming a Giant in Gear 5, after activating and Awakening the Sun God Nika powers.

    6. Lord Brahma also gave a boon to Lord Hanuman that he can attain any form he desires, and he can travel very fast everywhere.
    Gear 5 ability of Luffy, being able to do anything one can imagine of…. I think parallels this ability Of Lord Hanuman’s ability to take any form he desires.

    7. Lord Hanuman’s Vashitva siddhi power (another of his 8 siddhis) which is a mystic ability to control everything (all 5 elements around).

    Luffy can also similarly control anything (animate and inanimate) around him (Gear 5 awakening), by turning them into Rubber or even anything (limited by imagination).

    8. The Vashitva siddhi of Lord Hanuman also gives ability to make people, wild creatures comply with them… and this is actually seen in Luffy as stated by Mihawk as Luffy possessing most dangerous ability of turning anyone and everything around him into his allies, including former enemies. Luffy also is seen to have a special connection and ability to connect with animals and befriend them… Like the Kraken, Mushi, Laboon etc…

    9. Lord Brahma also gave a boon to Lord Hanuman that he will have power to induce fear in enemies and destroying fear in his friends. This fully describes Luffy’s character when he gets serious.

    10. Kama deva (lord of desires) gave boon to Lord Hanuman that sex and desires will not be effective on him.. making lord Hanuman a young celibate eternal being without death.
    Luffy is also shown to be immune to the seduction and can’t be lured by sexual allurements.. and being headstrong in his mission to achieve his dreams…. making this another Parallel with Lord Hanuman

    11. Yama (Lord of Naraka, Hell) gave Lord Hanuman the boon of a very healthy body. This may be a parallel to Luffy’s incredible immunity, and will power to power through poisoning.

    12. Kubera (God of wealth) gave the Mace to Lord Hanuman along with a boon that He won’t get tired in the battles n the mace can’t be a cause to his death.
    The not getting tired in Battle for Lord Hanuman very beautifully parallels with Luffy getting back up no matter how many times he is knocked down…

    13. Lord Hanuman uses Gadha (Mace as his weapon primarily).
    Luffy’s many recent attacks resemble the appearance of a blunt weapon.. similar to the Mace of Hanumanji… Eg : Luffy’s gear 3 techiques like Gomu Gomu Gigant Pistol, Elephant Gun, Red Roc, Roc Gattling, Grizly Magnum, gigant Jet Shell etc…

    14. Lord Hamunan’s father is Wind God, Vaayu or Pavan, who can control winds and can csuse huge cyclones.
    Luffy’s Dad Dragon is also hinted at having wind control powers.

    15. Luffy’s name is Monkey D Luffy… And Lord Hanuman is a Vanara (a monkey-like being)

    16. Luffy’s Gear 5 final move against Kaido is Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun (“Bajrang Bali” is one of Lord Hanuman’s names).

    17. In Ramayana, once Lord Hanuman encounters a giant sea serpent-like creature, Surasa to test Hanuman (on the order of the devatas) while he was crossing the ocean. The mission of Surasa he has to be devoured.

    Lord Hanuman then challenges her to open her mouth big enough to devour his huge form… And when she does the same, he becomes very tiny and comes out of her eyes/ears and escapes, both preserving her mission of devouring him as well as him passing the test and going forward to cross the ocean on his own mission.

    This (Lord Hanuman vs Giant serpent creature, dragon in some versions) parallels with Gear 5 Luffy vs Kaido … Where Luffy is devoured by kaido and Luffy comes out of Kaido’s body by making kaido rubber, putting his hands through the eyes of Kaido and coming out.

    Another parallel of Luffy and Lord hanuman is that just like Lord Hanuman obliged a genuine mission of his foe and simultaneously defeated them, yet made them fulfil their mission, Luffy also compartmentalizes people based on their dreams, respects them for it even though it is against him…. Eg: Bellamy in dressrosa, Coby, etc…

    18. Agni (God of Fire) granted a boon to Lord Hanuman that he’ll be immune to fire… And this nicely parallels with posttime skip Luffy mirroring Ace’s abilities in Red Hawk, Red Roc etc.., when he tanked Boro breath on rooftop, With his Rubber body resistant to fire.

    19. One of the foreshadowings of the Sun God Nika is given in Skypiea with the first mention of Sun God, and the Nika-pose of Luffy dancing around the bonfire… Foreshadowing the fruit awakening. And the climax of the arc is when Luffy Rings the bell and Defeats Eneru by banging a large Golden ball on to the bell (Gomu Gomu no Ougon rifle)… Which resembles the large Golden Mace of Lord Hanuman.

    Another parallel is that there is a story where Lord Hanuman Saved many monkeys trapped under a giant bell by lifting the bell with his tail.
    And then Lord Hanuman a huge devotee of Lord Rama bowed down with humility and respect. Seeing this beautiful event, Lord Rama blessed Hanuman that Whomsoever worships the form of Lord Hanuman with a bell on his tail, will receive devotion, light of knowledge that destroys ignorance and bestows liberation.

    It is said that Lord Hanuman then transferred his powers into the bell, and those who hear the the bell ring will get the protection of Lord Hanuman.

    This beautiful story very nicely parallels the bell ringing significance and themes of liberation, knowledge, Poneglyphs of the one piece lore.

    20. Lord Hanuman is worshipped as a symbol of Supreme strength, perseverance, and devotion which can give courage to those who are afraid and weak. And in India Lord Hanuman is majorly worshipped by people to give them bravery, courage, perseverance.

    This pretty much describes Luffy as well who’s main characteristics are immense loyalty, superstrength and perseverance (never giving up). Luffy also constantly inspires people to not lose hope and gives then courage to pursue their dreams.

    21. Lord Hanuman is also very pure and innocent in his devotion and loyalty. His Innocence is so sweet and childlike silliness to express his love, devotion and loyalty which contrasts his incredibly powerful superhuman feats of growing the size of a Mountain, Growing so big and almost eating Sun thinking its a fruit, becoming microscopic to go inside the body of a sea monster, burning an entire city when his tail is lit on fire, and many more…

    This also matches very well with Luffy’s childlike goofy personality contrasting with his immense loyalty, strength and superhuman feats.

    22. Most important characteristic of Lord Hanuman is his intense devotion and immesurable Loyalty to Lord Rama. …. Which perfectly matches with the most important characteristic of Luffy, his unparalleled loyalty to his crew.

    23. Of course Son wukong is also inspired by Lord Hanuman who inspired Goku and other popular shonen characters. So this also has to be acknowledged. Oda sensei might also have taken some inspiration from sun wukong’s stretchable staff for Luffy’s Rubber ability.


    24. Varuna (God of rain) granted a boon to Lord Hanuman that he can’t die because of water

    This are very interesting, and May be these might give some foreshadowing to Sun God Nika Gear 5 form’s limitless power based on user’s imagination.

    25. Lord Hanuman’s Mother Anjana devi, is a beautiful apsara, a celestial being (kind of an angel), who is cursed to be born in her next life as a princess in the kingdom of monkeylike beings (vanara) and then ends up Marrying Kesari, a vanara chief, son of Brihaspati, the deity of Jupiter.

    Anjana devi prays to Wind god, Pavan to give them an auspicious child, and Vayu/Pavan pleased by their worship gives them the child, Hanuman, by giving them a blessed sacred pudding.
    Hence, Lord Hanuman is known to be son of wind God, Pavan.

    We can use this info about Anjana devi Lord Hanuman’s Mother to deduce clues about Luffy’s mother.

    We can speculate that, Luffy’s mother might be similar to Princess Lili, a ex-celestial dragon who married Monkey D Dragon…

    – All in all, Only major differences between core characteristics of Lord Hanuman and Luffy is that Lord Hanuman is a strict vegetarian where as Luffy loves Meat.

    But that’s the only main difference. Apart from this there are so many other parallels…. Which are very intruiging,…. And a very good theory fodder material.

  18. Aditya Madhavi より:

    Bajrang Gun- Bajrang Bali is another name of The Hindu God of Wisdom, Strength, Courage, and Devotion. Hanuman!! Inspiration for Luffy’s character and also the Potential inspiration for Sun Wukong
    Thats why Luffy’s Most Powerful move is based of Him. He is Literally the God of Strength 🔥

    Also in Hindu Mythology, Hanuman who has always been Mischievous, as a child once tried to eat the Sun thinking it was a fruit ( Similarly how luffy ate the Sun God Devil Fruit)
    When he was about to eat the sun, he was struck by the God of Lightning Indra with an ancient weapon . This attack almost killed Hanuman, Angered by this his Father Vayu/Pavandev aka God of Wind, sucked out all the air killing all living creatures. ( please note- Dragon has Wind related powers) Therefore To apologise All the deities and gods went to Vayu and as repentance Bestowed Hanuman with more Powers than he already had( eg He as a child was capable of swallowing the Sun). But there was one condition, Hanuman would be unaware of his powers and he will only remember them when he needs them the most,so that he doesn’t do anymore mischiefs. Similar to how Luffy remembers and awakens all
    his hidden powers in Gear 5 when his devil fruit awakens.

  19. kenneth abante より:

    So many useless side sceenes and flash backs just to pro long the ending .. so cheap