Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 19 Reaction Mashup (BLEACH 千年血戦篇 第18話)


Rukia’s Bankai!!!

Episode Title: The White Haze (白い靄)

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  1. Mklk より:

    No world where Hitsugaya > Rukia , no one.

  2. Cedie Mina より:

    What a beautiful Bankai.

  3. Supermomo2007 より:

    was it the voice of gremmy after outro?

  4. Archange univers より:

    22:00 gremmyyyyyy

  5. armin arlert より:



    Danguren Hyoimaru is crying in a corner.😂😂

  7. legendarySeph より:

    Rob is the only reason I don’t watch RT, he’s such a boring asshole who falls asleep during shows and only goes on and on about “will power” while having zero comprehension about anything that’s going on and just wants boring OP character stories and calls everything else trash, his face literally looks so fucking bored through almost the entirety of this

  8. Caleb Sookhoor より:

    Kenny vs Gremmy next fight and then Ichigos 1v5 is coming up 😭

  9. かいな より:


  10. RaNdoM より:

    Can we agree that As Nodt is another Beetlegeese and Inosuke level performance from Kirito’s VA.

  11. Nick Foster より:

    Rukia was always cool, but her Elsa-form made her even more cooler lmao, *absolutely zero* complaints

  12. KoKe より:

    Perfect job bro👍

  13. Garling Figarland より:

    Cenderella rukia

  14. bitchyHime より:

    Been waiting for this 🔥thank you as always ❤

  15. Reze ボム より:

    Beautiful Bankai

  16. Krixus Tlatoani より:

    Ok, I will say… the next episode you might want to fight to upload first so you can grab the views. It is a huge episode and a dope ass one as well.

  17. Ades より:

    Zom100 eps 5 pls

  18. Uvick より:

    one of the best eps of bleach, btw thanks as always brother

  19. Ryuseishun Reacts より:

    The OST that played during Rukia’s Bankai reveal was absolutely chef’s kiss to an already great episode!! 🥰🥰👌👌