Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 19 Reaction Mashup – BLEACH 千年血戦篇 訣別譚 19話 リアクション

anime reaction mashup

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 19 Reaction Mashup
BLEACH 千年血戦篇 訣別譚 19話 リアクション

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  1. TOMODACHI より:


  2. Tan Ory Jaka Perdana より:

    “Batu es anj*ng”

  3. ハイパーキネティックポジションリバーサー より:


  4. アレクサンド・アンデルセン神父 より:


  5. K W より:

    cant wait to see Gremmy vs Zaraki and Gerard vs the 3 capts and Lilles Vollstandig

  6. コジコジ より:


  7. 翔太郎 より:


  8. WatcherOfTheSkies より:

    Gremmy is here. 😉

  9. -Nexus- より:

    Next episode will be “NOZARASHI”!?!?

  10. bitchyHime より:

    Bleach is so good. I’m so glad I’m a fan of this masterpiece. Beautifully done episode.

  11. RaNdoM より:

    Can we praise As Nodt VA which is Kiroto,Inosuke and Beetlegeese for an amazing performance once again

  12. Abhas Sharan より:

    Brace yourself war potential zaraki incoming in next 2 episode with one of the most epic reveal in bleach history

  13. かいな より:


  14. tristancam より:

    No lie! I think Bleach come back season is way better than Baruto and up there with Dragonball super

  15. Руслан Ход より:

    Dude change thumbnail it’s big spoiler

  16. Oscar Perez より:

    Next episode we get to see another epic Zanpaktou moment.

  17. Damir Turakbayev より:

    Seriously man! Like I waited to see Rukia bankai animated but also As Nodt added so much to this epsiode! Visuals and especially his VA! His VA is legend and top class seiyuu for sure! Thank you for the reaction mashup! Appreciate it!