GEAR 5 INSANITY!!! One Piece Episode 1072 Reaction Mashup – ワンピース 1072話 リアクション

GEAR 5 INSANITY!!! One Piece Episode 1072 Reaction Mashup
ワンピース 1072話 リアクション

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  1. Serge N'kuako より:

    that fruit is perfect for a guy like lufy

  2. cr0ix より:

    Ive never seen this much viewers having fun in a final form in shonen. Most if not all of them were so edgy emos full of anger and adrenaline.😂

  3. Vauxite より:

    Could do without the yamato cosplay girl. Constant asking for likes and manga talking. I’m a manga reader too, but its annoying hearing the analysis for every second.

  4. Naruhodo より:

    Zoro & Lufy change the color of their heart when they will start the fight

  5. SIIN XX7 より:

    80% of these reactors are completely forgettable, take others :/

  6. WatcherOfTheSkies より:

    Best OP episode of all time so far.

  7. Btown TV より:

    I’m assuming that other girl that’s talking every god damn second is in a call with that yamato girl. Shes mad annoying. I would have hated to be in that stream constant talking, saying random crap that didn’t make sense, over analyzing everything, and saying what happens next before it happens 💀 like wait 30 more seconds.

  8. Mystic Boar より:

    17:45 remember it’s a anime trope if a person gets hit really hard and it replays that hit it was a hard blow 😅

  9. rr より:

    Omg, someone give the girl her damn 200 likes, so annoying

  10. Jorge Iniguez より:

    This is the first time I seen Luffy call his opponent by his name lol

  11. Funny Haha より:

    I like how the end of the episode closes out like a cartoon would the circle outro

  12. Beto より:

    Que episódio incrível, agradeço por botarem um canal BR tmb, não esperava isso

  13. Dashell Boat より:

    Were the two girls in this streaming together? I swear it’s like they’re having a conversation half the time

  14. strongest man より:

    Man! His powers can easily fuck every yanko in one piece 🤣

  15. FlyllpxX より:

    when the colors started coming out of luffy’s heart with that beat i got goosebumps and i started to cry
    That was beautiful

  16. codafett より:

    That’s such a cute Yamato cosplay on the right, loved this episode.

  17. anonymoose より:

    Bro was amazed by the ep and didn’t even think of sitting down

  18. gizmo より:

    like a looney tunes sonic o_o

  19. Realm Of Unknown より:

    Crying about a 5minute intro. When it was only 2mins.

  20. gizmo より:

    wow i like to see this cause its not bothering me cause iwatched it already but this is what i imagina a theater full of youtuber reaction content makers. you wont even hear the fucking the big screen with loud volume. it be like sitting in a theater with hunger sea gulls that are so hungry and screaming staring at your popcorn..