Kakashi’s Final Decision!!! Naruto Episode 5 Reaction mashup 🇯🇵 ナルト海外の反応。


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  1. codingLand より:

    That Obito’s dialogue here was lit

  2. Muhammad Afif より:

    nexxtt plisssss kakashiii anbu

  3. XxSurViValXx より:

    Please continue doing OG naruto.

  4. 4d0n3h1 より:

    9:34 The imposible decision. The one that Nagato couldn’t take, the one that resulted in Pain. 😢

  5. Yoshão Saxofonista より:

    could you bring more reactions of other animes no naruto?

  6. Ive Won より:

    5:50 “is that Madara?” How does he even know that name? Madara isn’t even mentioned for another 200 eps… fake reaction

  7. MiguelzinTM より:

    do itachi vs sasuke on shippuden pls I’m a big fan of your channel I speak here from Brazil

  8. DOLESER | Sakitay Ulan より:

    this render media files xD 0:55

  9. Vinicius Santos より:

    Is shippuden?

  10. vanya kurica より:

    первий }